Project Sacred World

Creating a Future for our Animals ?


Your messages for the future of our animals worldwide will be placed in the Sacred Time Capsule on Sunday May 14th 2017.

This page will be locked when all our messages and intentions are delivered into the Sacred Place and Sacred Place of the Time Capsule.

They will be encapsulated there until 5 Years on and opened on May 2022.

They will be opened at the Conference in May 2022 and with love and great excitement and interest shared during the event.

Hoping that at least some if not all of our inspirations and intentions are or have happened. 

You can be part of that change you wish to see in the World. 

Interested in placing your Sacred Message here to be locked away for the Future? 

Contact here and head your enquiry Time Capsule and you will be sent a  Personal Journal. Download here.