Project Sacred World

The Idea


How did the idea for Project Sacred World begin??

In a synchronistic moment in time to be exact!

Marie and Caroline wouldn't normally have met, that was pure chance...or was it?

In August 2016 they were both Facebook messaging about the conference.

 Caroline is a Guest Speaker at the Animal Energy World Conference 2017

The following conversation developed which then led to where Project Sacred World developed and finally was created under a  


Here is the exact text extract from our conversation


MH.(Marie Holliday) That’s so lovely, perhaps you will have to have one called essence of energy or energy essence…lol x

CT.(Caroline Thomas) You know what, how about I create an essence of the conference with the help of Becca and Nicky of the Bailey Essences. Now would that be incredible. xx Capturing the energy of the conference then bottling it. Plus Arthur’s (Bailey) help obviously. xx And then trialling it after the conference to find its powers. x With animals of course. xx

MH. Oh wow can you do that!! People have said jokingly we need to bottle it. I know at end of conference we are on 1000 vibrational level. (Power v Force) David Hawkins. x

CT. xxxWow that would be incredible . Capturing the energy and bottling it will create a fabulous essence to heal the animals using the expertise of the Bailey essences will make sure its purrfect.

MHFor Example, could people surrogately send love at the same time around the world?? For example at end of the Sunday (conference)

CT. Yes of course with the epicentre at Craiglands it would definitely work xX That would definitely be amazing xX

MH.  oh wow excited or what????

CTI know Eeeeeeeek  xx

' Message in a bottle ?'

A very special one!