Project Sacred World

Project Sacred World Essence


When an idea is birthed that eventually becomes bigger than the people who thought up that idea you suddenly realise that there is something very spiritually divine driving its creation. This Sacred Essence was birthed out of so many synchronistic moments, that at times they just seemed so incredible and unbelievable, when at other times there were gasps of ‘really!’ Collectively these synchronistic moments have purposely made sure that this Sacred Essence is birthed.  

How the Sacred Essence came to be born, is as shrouded in as much mystery as the Essence itself. It’s a story that would completely fill the whole of this page without allowing space for the actual explanation of what the Sacred Essence is. The Sacred Essence is known as The Environmental Essence , its inspiration being that it will capture words of love and encouragement, launched on the New Moon on the 30th October 2016  and cumulating at the Animal Energy World Conference on May 14th 2017.  The words of positivity will be placed into a sacred Facebook page and then taken with love and respectfulness to the Conference, where they will be placed around a crystal bowl. This will be put in place to capture the energy of the weekend which will be filled with a very high vibrational energy from the Conference. 

The preparation of the Sacred Essence, is one of much reverence and will take an expert flower essence company to do this. The Animal Energy World Conference next year is held in the beautiful town of Ilkley. This is the town where the Bailey Essences have made their home for the last 50 years and have created many flower essences with great expertise. Recognising the qualities of the environment that we wish to be the source for the Sacred Essence, is by far the most important part of this recipe. Not only is the Conference based in Ilkley but at the Craiglands Hotel, the hotel at which the Conference is based, has allowed dogs to stay at the hotel for the first time in their history. This synergy of animal and human energy over a two-day build-up of raising the perfect pure vibration, will be transferred into a crystal bowl of water which would have previously been prepared by the Bailey Essences. An Essence that captures animal and human energy will have many powerful healing properties for both animals and humans alike.

This essence will be totally exclusive as the cumulation of all these synchronicities will only happen ONCE.

Marie, Caroline, Jenny and Nicky invite you to take part in this project and ask You to get involved. Details here 'Get Involved .’ So please get involved in creating something so perfect, so healing and so unique.

This essence will only be made only ONCE!

And we want you to be part of this brilliant Project. You can purchase the essence NOW and ready for delivery following the New Moon May 25th 2017