Project Sacred World

Jenny and Nicky

Jenny Howarth and Nicky Whitehead are Founders and Owners of Yorkshire Flower Essences which incorporates the world-famous Bailey


10% of the Bailey company is still owned by Chris Bailey, who is Arthur Bailey’s surviving wife and they are seen photographed above in

the signing of this business venture.

The Essence once made will be taken back to Arthur Bailey’s home in Ilkley and this is where it will be bottled. The Bailey Essence

Company has 50 years of experience of capturing the vibrant energy of flowers and interestingly is the 50th Anniversary in 2017.

Jenny is a flower essence producer of the Verbeia range of essences, which are made on the Ilkley Moors, she also has a business


Nicky is a Homeopath and a Chartered Accountant, together they make the perfect team.

Caroline and Marie invited them to the Sacred World Project as their professionalism, expertise and sheer love of what they do, shines

through. Thankfully they accepted. The collaboration was nearly complete.

They are located  in the exact same market town of Ilkley, West Yorkshire where the Animal Energy World Conference venue is located on

 May 13th & 14th 2017. This is where the Essence will be created actually in the conference room at the Craiglands Hotel.

Jenny and Nicky will be guiding and supporting on the Essence and conditions to prepare this 'One off' and unique creation.

They will be speaking at the conference on the development of essences and supervise the creation which will take place on the Sunday

afternoon of May 14th 2017

So the collaboration was born and launched on the New Moon, Sunday 30th October 2016 where the vibrational energy has started forming

in the Facebook Project Sacred World Group. The energy for the essence is being collected over this period and then during the conference

and formed, harnessed and created on that special day.

Additionally there will be other events and happenings to continue the momentum.

Please 'Get Involved' for our animals.