Project Sacred World

Project Sacred World Mission Statement

Project Sacred World Mission Statement:

In creating this Project for a Sacred and Peaceful and Loving World for all Animals will initially take the form of creating a Vibrational Essence along with several events towards this goal.

In this Essence, we set the highest intention for unconditional Love, all encompassing for animals. We include, gratitude, peace, serenity, joy, freedom - many forms of freedom and at all levels in the knowledge that we are One Energy living in the same One World.

We believe and completely acknowledge animals as sentient beings. To develop this to the highest intention as a vibrational essence, will need loving thoughts, kindness and good deeds and actions that will add and build to this essence.

This will commence and continue from the New Moon Launch on October 30 th 2017 until and throughout the Animal Energy World Conference, May 13th & 14th 2017, UK.

It will culminate in raising this vibration to the highest level on the Sunday afternoon May 14th 2017 and then capturing this collective vibrational energy in that ultimate moment.

The essence will then be created on that afternoon and distributed to those interested in continuing the Project for this Sacred World for our Animals, and ourselves for eternity.

This powerful vibrational energy essence will be unique, being part of you and part of who we all are with our collective conscious thoughts, in our mission to help all animals.