Project Sacred World

Marie and Caroline

Marie Holliday

Founder of Animal Energy World Conference

Marie is a Master Trainer of Trainers with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with AAMET International association teaching accredited courses. Additionally she loves to share this technique by also teaching people how to use it with all animals even wildlife.She has online animal courses and workshops and additionally teaches communication with your animal companion.She lives in Spain and works both there, UK and internationally. 

Having recovered from the symptoms of a double brain hemorrhage in 2 days with EFT she felt it was too good to keep to herself! Her love and absolute passion of animals and this energy technique and a spiritual 'message ' she received about animals whilst training EFT, completely changed her life. 

Stepping down from  the  AAMET Executive Board and Director of Training with EFT and develop this 'message' for animals propelled her into the first inaugural conference held in Spain in 2013. 

The Animal Energy World Conference is now in its fourth year in 2017 where many International Speakers are involved and where the culmination and creation of the Project Sacred World Essence will evolve on Sunday May 14th 2017 .

Read how Marie and Caroline created this idea over a Facebook chat message! And Project Sacred World was born.

How Marie and Caroline

met and collaborated an idea

 A few months ago, Marie was searching on the internet for a website of one of the guest speakers who was presenting at her Animal Energy World Conference. She literally stumbled across Caroline Thomas's website and was attracted to her work on mental health in animals and her own personal journey. Whilst Marie had enough speakers for 2017, she was drawn to connecting with Caroline.

Following a wonderful synchronistic chat, Marie asked Caroline if she would speak at the 2017 conference. The answer was a resounding 'yes' .

Some of the synchronistic moments captured were:

  • The 2017 conference venue, The Craiglands Hotel was the exact same hotel Caroline had just come back from in Ilkley, West Yorkshire
  • Caroline was near completion of writing her book on Arthur Bailey (Bailey essences)  who lived in Ilkley. Arthur had passed several years ago.
  • Marie had been to a training course in one of the Bailey family's training centres in Ilkley
  • The Craiglands Hotel was one of Arthur Baileys favourite hotels
  • The year 2017 is the 50th Anniversary of the Bailey Essences 

So how did this all lead to the Project Sacred World ? Well, Marie and Caroline were messaging one day and the conversation went on the lines of ....... Read more here 

 Caroline Thoms

Founder of Hoof and Paw Academy

Caroline has been working with flower essences and animals for over 14 years. She initially qualified as a Bach Flower Practitioner and then as an Animal Bach Flower Practitioner via the Bach Flower Centre,Oxford and then at the Natural Animal Centre in Wales. Over the next 8 years Caroline volunteered at Remus Horse Sanctuary each week making up flower essence remedies and offering reiki to them and called this her apprenticeship as she worked with many animals during that time. She has clients all over the world and is a very passionate teacher. Read more about her work here.

Caroline has followed closely the works of Arthur Bailey, who was the founder and creator of the Bailey essences. She was fascinated by his down to earth approach and his scientific mind. He created many of the essences on the Ilkley moors and Caroline loved his passion for flower essences and the clever way that he created them. She contacted Bailey essences and was given permission 4 years ago to write a book about how they can help animals. To gather the needed evidence she trialled the essences with over 40 animals around the world. This year the Bailey Essences asked Caroline to develop a range of ‘7’ combination essences for specific animal behaviors, they will be launched with Caroline’s book in 2017 which as it happens, is also the ‘50th’ year of the creation of the Bailey essences. Read about Caroline's work here.

Read how Caroline and Marie created this idea for the Project Sacred World here.