Project Sacred World

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The Project Sacred World Community has been created in the spirit of love,
kindness and compassion for our most precious and sacred animals worldwide.
It was born in several seconds of perfect, sublime synchronicity between two people
who didn't really know each other yet had a commonality in their love, honour and
respect of helping animals.
In that snapshot of a second they held a vision of an Energy, a vibrational energy
that they believed they could literally encapture to help all animals in the World. 
They also needed help and invited Jenny Howarth and Nicky Whitehead to collaborate
with their expertise in creating this vibrational essence.
Marie, Caroline, Nicky & Jenny

 How will the vibrational energy be encaptured?

It will be created and held in an Essence for YOU via your loving thoughts for our animals

With a coming together of people worldwide with similar aspirations for our animals who will help create this essence-which is You, our Sacred World Member. The Essence will be created by a building up of a positive, loving vibrational energy which will be created at the Conference on Sunday May 14th 2017.

We will invite you to Gift the following ideas, suggestions and to contribute to the Vibrational Essence:

  • a word or words for our animals or your animal companion
  • a Phrase for our animals or your animal companion
  • an inspirational Quote
  • a Poem or writing for our animals or your animal companion
  • a Photo with or without words for our animals or your animal companion
  • something positive as a contribution to the essence
  • any other ideas you have

There is a Complimentary Download available for your own Project Sacred World Personal Journal here .

Also available in a Word Document Personal Journal format as a preference, contact and request here.

These words, pictures and meaningful thoughts collected worldwide will all be included at a sacred assemblage point in May 2017.

How will it be created?

The Project Sacred World Essence will be created on Sunday 14th May 2017 in the afternoon at the Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, England. This will be co-created with the experienced hands of Jenny Howarth and Nicky Whitehead, sisters who own Yorkshire Flower Essences (incorporating Bailey Essences) who develop essences and distribute them worldwide,

How can I purchase this essence? AVAILABLE NOW HERE!

This will be available to order Pre Conference and during the conference. Details will be available on Facebook and the website.