Project Sacred World

Join the Project on Facebook

Join Project Sacred World on Facebook

 'Be part of that change you want to see in the World for our Animals'.

The Facebook Group is a Sacred Place and a Sacred Space where you can be part of this

Project from anywhere in the World.

If you cannot join us at the conference then your thoughts, input and positive feelings for our animals will be recorded and be an intrinsic part of the vibrational essence which will be created for our animals at the Conference.

Facebook will keep you up to date with any happenings, events, and you can enter this Sacred Portal knowing you are there as an individual with loving thoughts and intentions for all animals and that what you think, feel and write there will be held in that space and develop vibrationally.

Project Sacred World is a 'closed' private group of trusted and supportive loving members. Please feel free to request and join Facebook Project Sacred World here