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About Us

The Project Sacred World  is a collaboration of people, ideas, creations, happenings and events that are forming to help raise the vibrational energy worldwide for all animals.

This involves: 

Marie Holliday - Founder of the Animal Energy World Conference & Caroline Thomas Founder of Hoof & Paw Academy. Read about Marie & Caroline here

Jenny Howarth & Nicky Whitehead, Founders of Yorkshire Flower Essences. Read about Jenny & Nicky here

You - anyone who has an interest in helping animals through this unique Project. Read about the Project here.

We will be Creating a Vibrational Energy Essence for all animals and need your help to ' Get Involved' . Read about getting involved here

With kind thoughts, intentions and Love for all Animals worldwide

Creation of the essence on Sunday 14th May 2017 at the Animal Energy World Conference. Details of the Conference here.