Project Sacred World

Project Sacred World Collaboration


Marie Holliday and Caroline Thomas

Marie and Caroline would not normally have met! This initial collaboration between them as two individuals was a pure synchronistic moment, a snapshot in time. They realised that an idea they had in that moment in time, actually could become reality to help both animals and people alike. Read more about Marie and Caroline's vision here.


Nicky Whitehead and Jenny Howarth

How did Nicky and Jenny, the owners of Yorkshire Flower Essences incorporating Bailey Essences become involved in this collaboration to help raise the vibrational energy for animals in an essence.

Read more about Jenny & Nicky here.


Get involved with Project Sacred World

How can you get involved in the Collaboration Project to help raise the vibrational energy for our animals in a unique concept by encapturing it in an essence? 

We need your help so please join us and see how you can help. More details here.